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Eaton Compressor Consumer Guide for Piston Compressor Pumps

Eaton Compressor thinks of the pump as the piston air compressor’s “heartbeat.” Therefore it is important for people who might be in the market for such a compressor to become educated about the basics of the pump, in addition to the machine as a whole, so that they can make an informed decision when the time comes to make a purchase. For this reason, Eaton published a series of articles to review the top things to consider when buying a piston air compressor. For a consumer who wants quality and value in their purchase, these are a must-read.



Eaton Compressor begins by identifying two basic types of pumps—the single-stage and two-stage pumps. The single-stage pump has only one compression cycle and typically operates at a slightly higher RPM than the two-stage pump. Single-stage pumps are typically well suited for homeowners and moderate DIY’ers or for light commercial and contractor applications. These pumps will typically be a little less efficient and yield lower operating pressures. Two-stage pumps, on the other hand, have two compression cycles and yield higher pressures. Two-stage pumps can also be considered more energy efficient than single-stage pumps because they require slightly less HP to compress the same amount of air than required by a single stage pump.


Eaton Compressor reviews the materials as well as the design. There are several design elements that are important to consider when evaluating compressor pumps. One is a cast-iron design. Typically, compressor pumps are manufactured in either aluminum, cast-iron, or a combination thereof. An excellent rule of thumb is that cast iron is always king. Pumps that have key cast iron components (like crank-cases, crank-shafts, cylinders, cylinder heads, and flywheels) are typically the top quality pumps in the industry. They provide the durability to stand up to the rigors of industrial and commercial applications while also eliminating the heat warpage inherent to the aluminum pumps.


Eaton Compressor pumps feature an all cast-iron design with cast-iron crank-cases, crank-shafts, cylinders, cylinder heads, and flywheels. Their pumps are truly built to withstand all commercial and industrial applications.

Eaton Compressor recommends that consumers also ensure that the connecting rods be of high quality stainless steel, instead of aluminum, which is more prone to breaking down and warping. Consumers should also look for a design that incorporates replaceable rod bearing inserts. That way, the design allows for the rod bearing assembly to be rebuilt, instead of simply rendering it “throw-away.”


Eaton Compressor also advises consumers to look for disc valves instead of reed valves in the compressor pump, because disc valves have more longevity and are easier to replace when the time comes. Does the compressor have integrated head unloaders, which allow the compressor to operate in a continuous run mode to improve the longevity of the compressor while cooling the pump? They should. Lastly, staying cool is important for the performance and life of the compressor, so built-in inter and after coolers are vital.


Eaton Compressor only offers the highest quality compressors, which is why they take their own advice and incorporate only the best designs in their machinery. To speak to a sales associate to help you identify the right compressor for your needs or to order Eaton Compressor products today, call us at 877-283-7614.

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